Thursday, September 18, 2008

Filmmakers' Meetup

I went to a "meetup group" of independent filmmakers tonight and made a pitch for my two short film projects, "The Redemption of Captain Zorikh" and "Kim Fu Yu vs. Jennny Rancid."

The first film is an absurdist comedy involving the ongoing conflict of two different women. I have shot the 2nd and 3rd scenes fo this 3 scene film already, the shot dri9nking contest ( and the streetfight, and intend to shoot the "Combat Twister" scene on Sunday, October 26th.

The second is a "rocky/Karate Kid" type story that chronicles Captain Zorikh being defeated by Veve Lane, then working out, training, facing other opponents, and finally meeting her again in a tournament. I have shot the first 40% of it (you can see some of the working out comedy at, and need to finish the training montage, one scene of dialogue, one scripted match with another fellow, and the grand finale showdown with Veve.

In my pitch I described the marketability of the lead and supporting performers, Veronica Vicious, Morgan Sinead, Veve Lane, and Damien Terror Dog, how their videos, photo comics, trading cards, etc, have already sold well at conventions, on-line, and elsewhere, and several people came up to me interested in working with the project.

There were just a few things I forgot to mention or plug at the meeting, so I am taking the chance to do so here, and have posted a note on the Meetub Group message board, sending them to this blog post to read them:

1) I intend to shoot the "Combat Twister" scene on Sunday, October 26. I could use background actors, a low/no budget location, a girl-rock group willing to provide their presence for the shoot and music for the scene, food for the cast and crew, and volunteers for AD, DP, 2nd unit director & crew, and advice to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.

2) To help raise money for the project, I am selling various products I have created, including videos, comics (drawn and photos), and music CD's

3) You can see some of the footage I have shot already at and some more of Veronica Vicious and Veve Lane at

I look forward to working with you!

Captain Zorikh

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