Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Superhero Dream

So I had this dream last night...

I was working in the office of a newspaper, when a paramilitary terrorist (white, about 40 yrs old, hair cut short to minimize the effect of his receding hairline) busted into the office with an assault rifle and took everyone hostage. One of the other workers, one who was new to the office asked what was happening. I told him that this has happened several times before. This guy is trying to make the superhero in the office reveal himself. The thing is, I am the superhero he is trying to expose, but I can't tell anyone, because I have to protect my secret identity.

The fellow office worker takes it upon himself to be the hero. He tries to use a martial arts technique to get the gun away from the terrorist, the terrorist is just too experienced for him, twists his arm backwards and there is a “snap” sound from his arm. “Anyone else?” he says.

There is a Lois Lane-type character in the office, and she asks what he wants. He says he wants to prove that the American press is a corrupt entity that spreads lies, and that he wants to bring down the power of the press.

I explain to him that he wasting his time. The press has no power. Nobody reads the newspapers anymore. Everybody knows there is no journalistic integrity or investigative effort put into reporting anymore. All the papers just print the releases from the Associated Press or Reuters and boom, they're done. If he wanted to get in touch with Superman all he had to do was this...

And then I put my hands around my mouth and yelled “SUPERMAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”

When he turned around to look I ran off, changed into Superman and flew back so fast he didn't notice.

Then I woke up.