Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wrestling party tonight, Combat Twister Video, more!

Hi Folks! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, eating much wonderful food with the people you love.

I have been busy here. I have posted up a short video on the making of “Combat Twister” ( , the video shoot that took place a few weeks ago at the Halloween Adventure Costume Shop on West 43rd Street. It is backed by the music of STARK (, a hard rock band that performed at Frank Wood's birthday celebration. The video that I actually shot still requires a few hours and some financial support to finish.

I have also posted up a short statement form Neal Adams about Captain Marvel (, made at the Big Apple Convention a couple of weeks age (and I edited in a few pictures of Captain Marvel, just to help get the point across). It is the first video of a new YouTube channel I have created, where I will be posting videos relating to the Captain Marvel Culture project.

Finally this week, it's that time of the month again, when Grapple Den hosts its monthly wrestling party. This, the last party of the year, will feature a X-Mas unwrapping match, blizzard wrestling, and of course, the royal Reindeer Tag-in Rumble! This will all go down at Tagine, that lovely Moroccan restaurant on 9th Ave near 40th Street on Wednesday, December 3rd, from 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM. As a special holiday present from Grapple Den, admission is half the usual price, only $10 per person this time! For more info, go to

Now just a few plugs:

As you all know 'tis the season where we all are looking for that perfect gift for that special someone. Times are tough for all of us, so I hear, and Captain Zorikh is sensitive to this issue. That is why all products in the Watch This Space catalog, including the Pennsic War video documentary ( a great gift for that medievalist or LARPer), the Captain Zorikh music CD's (of which I highly recommend the Death Star Repairmen for that special Star Wars fan), and everything else is either $1 or 15% off, whichever is greater, from now through December 31. Simply deduct the appropriate ammlount from your PayPal order, or send a check or money order to the address at

And should you find nothing there that is just right, remember that you can click on the link to from almost any page at and and a small portion of your purchase price will help Yours Truly finance future projects. Those websites happen to have lists of movies of interest to anyone who digs medieval/renaissance/ancient world/fantasy/swordfighting stuff, a list of comic book movies, and books about stage combat and armor, all linked to (and I know some of you out there dig that sort of thing).

And to wrap it up, plugs for two places in times Square that have kept me fed the past few months...

Dave and Buster's on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Ave is having a Punisher party, with free giveaways and other special stuff to celebrate the release of the new film, “Punisher: War Zone.”

Halloween Adventure Costume Shop on 43rd Street between 8th and 9th Ave, in addition to having hosted the Combat Twister video shoot, also has lots and lots of costumes and accessories, masks, wigs, hats, makeup, magic tricks, gag toys, funny nose & glasses, squirt guns, lightsabers, even plastic doggie do! It also has Santa suits and elf costumes of all sizes for any budget, and New Years party hats, horns, beads, noisemakers, confetti, and more!

That's Captain Zorikh for you, you never know where he will show up next!

Captain Zorikh

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I need a new gig bag!

When I lost my guitar on the L train on September 22 of 2007, the Manny's Music gig bag that it was in went with it. Phil Fiumano of was good enough to give me one of his, but the bag it came in has given up the ghost. The zipper is shot, and it looks like I am going to have to decide whether to keep the guitar in the bag forever, or destroy the zipper.

Well, since I have to play the guitar, the zipper will have to go, so...

Does anyone have a guitar gig bag to spare? I don't care how many extra pockets it has, a lot or just one, it's fine. I don't care what color it is or whether it has any fancy brand or label on it. The important thing is that the straps allow me to carry it with the neck pointing up, but not too high above my 6'4" high head. This means the straps need to be attachable about halfway up the neck, not at the base of the neck like that ubiquitous, omnipresent bag that Guitar Center sells for about half a buck. I got that one already. I nearly broke the neck of my guitar off in the subway, and the case wound up falling apart when I used it as a sword case.

Musically yours, Captain Zorikh

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain is Mondale-Dole

I had been thinking this for a while, and the tonight's election results have proven it: John McCain is a combination, a pastiche, if you will, of Walter Mondale and Bob Dole.

Think about it. An aging, disabled war veteran and Senate elder statesman, running against a skilled and charismatic communicator, and countering faltering polls through energy and hard work.

I will let everyone else talk about the historic significance of the first black president, about how the economy was what won it for him, about how he was able to energize a previously under-active electorate, how this signals a change in the attitude of the nation and the revitalization of the Democratic party. I will allow others to express relief that this election was decided so early in the night and with so little controversy. I will even expect other people to point out how in even larger presidential victories you did not see such spontaneous expressions of joy as we did in Chicago and New York. I will just point out that as different as things may be, we can always see a paralell in the past.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Filmmakers' Meetup

I went to a "meetup group" of independent filmmakers tonight and made a pitch for my two short film projects, "The Redemption of Captain Zorikh" and "Kim Fu Yu vs. Jennny Rancid."

The first film is an absurdist comedy involving the ongoing conflict of two different women. I have shot the 2nd and 3rd scenes fo this 3 scene film already, the shot dri9nking contest ( and the streetfight, and intend to shoot the "Combat Twister" scene on Sunday, October 26th.

The second is a "rocky/Karate Kid" type story that chronicles Captain Zorikh being defeated by Veve Lane, then working out, training, facing other opponents, and finally meeting her again in a tournament. I have shot the first 40% of it (you can see some of the working out comedy at, and need to finish the training montage, one scene of dialogue, one scripted match with another fellow, and the grand finale showdown with Veve.

In my pitch I described the marketability of the lead and supporting performers, Veronica Vicious, Morgan Sinead, Veve Lane, and Damien Terror Dog, how their videos, photo comics, trading cards, etc, have already sold well at conventions, on-line, and elsewhere, and several people came up to me interested in working with the project.

There were just a few things I forgot to mention or plug at the meeting, so I am taking the chance to do so here, and have posted a note on the Meetub Group message board, sending them to this blog post to read them:

1) I intend to shoot the "Combat Twister" scene on Sunday, October 26. I could use background actors, a low/no budget location, a girl-rock group willing to provide their presence for the shoot and music for the scene, food for the cast and crew, and volunteers for AD, DP, 2nd unit director & crew, and advice to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.

2) To help raise money for the project, I am selling various products I have created, including videos, comics (drawn and photos), and music CD's

3) You can see some of the footage I have shot already at and some more of Veronica Vicious and Veve Lane at

I look forward to working with you!

Captain Zorikh

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Audition observation report

On Friday I went on an audition for a NYU student film. The scene was about semi-homeless wandered crashing at an old school buddies' house, and the awkward moment of trying to settle in with his buddy's wife. It was basically about the awkwardness of two people who don;t know each other trying to pass time and be polite and friendly.We have all been there, perhaps in a waiting room, or sitting in a plane, or being the first one to get to a party, or having to entertain your roommate's get the idea.

I had read through the scene several times, but I couldn't get the feeling of artifice out of my system. It just felt forced. I had done a student film about a month and a half before, and when I saw it, I wasn't happy because the acting looked so forced, and I wanted to get away from that feeling.

So while waiting for the audition, I found myself in a waiting room with an actress also waiting for the audition. I asked her if she wanted to go over the scene, so we did. Then I started engaging her in conversation. I tried to guide the conversation into the same basic framework as the scene. As I did so I paid attention to where my voice was going, what my body was doing, how I was saying what I was saying. Thus, when I went into the audition, I knew where to go and how to deliver the lines.

I rocked the audition and go the part. We will be shooting the scene on Friday!

Final Hospital Video (we hope)!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Captain Zorikh on City of Fame

It works best if you pause the video until it fully loads, the play it.

Go to to comment on and rate this video.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Captain Zorikh's Birthday Gig Crawl!


Hi Friends and Fans. It's that time of year again! Yes, every September 6th I celebrate the anniversary of my first exposure to this fabulous mystery we call Life. This year it happens to fall upon this coming Saturday.

I have decided that this year I will do not one, but TWO open mikes!

The first one will be at Banjo Jim's at 700 E. 9th Street, just off Ave C. Sign up is at 2:45, and the music begins at 3:00 PM

The second one will be at Paddy Reilly's, the famous bar the Black 47 used to do weekly gigs at. It is located at 519 2nd Ave at 29th Street, and they know how to pour a proper Guinness! Sign up is at 5:30The action begins there at 6:00 PM.

If we last that long we might make it to the open jam at Fat Cat on 75 Christopher Street at 1:30 AM.

There will be a diner stop along the way at a place to be determined.

I would love to see as many people along this “crawl” as possible. Those of you who are musicians (and I know who you are) are invited to jam with me or to sign up and do your own open mike performance.

You can join in at any point along the crawl. Just call me at 917-865-1214 if you are not sure where I am at any particular moment to join (like if you want to join in the “to be determined” dinner stop).

Happy Birthday to Me! (If you were there last year, you know how old I am this year!)

Captain Zorikh

Friday, September 5, 2008

What the Hell's Kitchen Chef Taught Me

I usually don't watch "reality" shows or make time for "makeover" shows, but every once in a while I surf past one at get curious enough to stay tuned. Last night I stumbled on to "Kitchen Nightmares," Where Chef Gordon Ramsey goes into variuous restaurants that are not doing so well and fixes them up. In some cases all they need is a re-focusing of the menu and better efificience in running the business. In others, the just need to be neutron-bombed and completely re-done from the goround up. In every case, after a visit to the restaurant as a customer and an observation of an evening, Gordon shuts down the place, makes changes, and when the place re-opens, it is a big success, and when he revisits, the place is doing even better because they have stuck with the changes.

Of course nothing is ever as perfect or quick as it appears on TV, but one thing does come through. In almost every case, the restaurants were poorly and inefficiently manged, certain egos were getting in the way of good work, and things needed to change. Gordon totally broke down the owners' and manager' egos and then showed them how to make the business work. Also, simplicity, focus, and efficiency were a big part of wheat he brought to the business.

This is a good lesson for a lot of us, especially people like me who are "all over the place." We have to cut out the crap, ditch the excess baggage which is holding us back, and focus on our strength. Ego is nothing. Success is everything.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Captain Zorikh for President!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Made new CD, need new glasses

Captain Zorikh's New Glasses Benefit CD!

Over the course of a person's life, glasses get lost, damaged, destroyed, worn out, and it comes time to replace them.

Such a time has come upon Captain Zorikh.

My famous aviator-shape spectacled with the transitions lenses have become too scratched and worn to wear, the really cool, very expensive rimless glasses you can see in the “M&M Song” video on Youtube went and disappeared at a Valentine's Day party. Those round glasses, that really aren't doing it for me anyway, have had their ear pieces replaced twice and the bridge has given way. The little round glasses that I have had since 2000 had broken a while back, which had prompted the purchase of the new rimless ones. The old navigator frames, which had been brought out of retirement as the Last Pair Left, suffered a fatal twist on the way home from the Totally Normal Event and the attachment point for the ear piece has broken off.

In short, it's time for new glasses. I found two perfect pair, one a quite fashionable aviator frame that will go great with the transitions lenses, and the other a wireless set with nigh-indestructible stainless steel handles, at a buy-one-get-the-other-pair-half-off deal. To support the purchase of these glasses, I have produced a CD of all-original songs . Some of them are the best cuts from previous CD's, some are brand new. There are 11 songs in all (with one bonus “hidden” track) with myself on guitar, harmonica and vocals, and support from Eli Maniscalco and Danny Wacker on guitar, Eli on bass, Jeff Webb of Eastwinds drummers on drums and percussion, and Marnen Laibow-Koser on fiddle/violin.

You can see the conditions of my glasses, and order the CD through my website at If you are not inclined to buy a CD, but would still like to contribute to the cause, please feel free to purchase any other item on my Watch This Space catalogue page, or even order anything through through any link on any of my websites. Finally, if actually buying something is of no interest to you, but you would still like to contribute to the causes, you can use the Amazon Honor System by clicking on the link at

In other news, I have posted a new video on YouTube. You can find it at It is a report of my bout at the Grappler's Quest tournament last weekend. The report explains why we don't actually have video of the match.

Also, my review of “The Incredible Hulk” is up at

Finally, there will be a review of the first issue of “Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam” at by tomorrow.

Hang in, see well!

Captain Zorikh

Monday, June 30, 2008

Captain Zorikh attacks the Ballance Ball

New Video on YouTube:

Yes, more Zorikhness at the gym, with myself and Marnen on the "Celts Go Marching In" song. Where will it lead?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Video: Captain Zorikh vs. the Back Extension Machine

I have added a new video to my Youtube account. It is part of a new project IO am working on called "The Redemption of Captian Zorikh"

New Blog: Captain Marvel Culture

Yep, it works! I have a new blog under this profile:

It will contain updates on my Captain Marvel Culture project and synopses and critiques of developments in the various Captain Marvels.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now let's see...

Theoretically, I can have more than one blog under my account. If that be the case, then I am going to start one right now.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It Works Now!

Yay! It works now! I simply had not selected a template.