Sunday, September 14, 2008

Audition observation report

On Friday I went on an audition for a NYU student film. The scene was about semi-homeless wandered crashing at an old school buddies' house, and the awkward moment of trying to settle in with his buddy's wife. It was basically about the awkwardness of two people who don;t know each other trying to pass time and be polite and friendly.We have all been there, perhaps in a waiting room, or sitting in a plane, or being the first one to get to a party, or having to entertain your roommate's get the idea.

I had read through the scene several times, but I couldn't get the feeling of artifice out of my system. It just felt forced. I had done a student film about a month and a half before, and when I saw it, I wasn't happy because the acting looked so forced, and I wanted to get away from that feeling.

So while waiting for the audition, I found myself in a waiting room with an actress also waiting for the audition. I asked her if she wanted to go over the scene, so we did. Then I started engaging her in conversation. I tried to guide the conversation into the same basic framework as the scene. As I did so I paid attention to where my voice was going, what my body was doing, how I was saying what I was saying. Thus, when I went into the audition, I knew where to go and how to deliver the lines.

I rocked the audition and go the part. We will be shooting the scene on Friday!

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