Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays! Big media week for Captain Zorikh!

Hi Friends! Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, happy Solstice, Saturnalia, and everything else that goes with the season! I hope that this time of year brings to you the joy and festivity that is traditionally associated with mid-winter festivals, especially that you can look back on a year of growth and forward to a year of success!

Thank you to those of you who made the Movie Madness at Café Nijasol a success!

I just got through a remarkable shooting day for the latest film I am directing, “The Duel.” We shot a scene with samurai on the beach, and fights involving boxers, king fu fighters, and pro wrestlers, all in one day! Pictures will be forthcoming!

It’s another big week for Captain Zorikh in the media!

The Science Channel continues to shot the program “Sci-Fi Science.” It seems that almost every episode includes a bit of the lengthy and extensive interviews shot of me at I-Con and NY Comic Con earlier this year. The different episodes of the half-hour show are being broadcast several times a day and friends tell me that the episodes about blowing up a planet and building a lightsaber include some footage of me being interviewed at I-Con this year!

You can see the schedule of the broadcasts at

The episode of Toni On New York that shows me at Big Apple Comic-Con and my cartoons of the team on the show is now on YouTube:

The issue of Alter Ego magazine containing my article about the female Captain Marvels is now in better newsstands and comic shops all over the country, and can be ordered directly from the publisher, for a discount on the printed version, and a deep discount for the Digital Edition, at

Finally, not too long ago I was part of the production of the music video “Constantinople 1453” by the Greek-American heavy metal band Phoenix Reign. It was in the finals for the top videos competition. If it wins, I may be able to show it at my next Movie Madness screening at Otto’s Shrunken Head January 17th! You can see the part of the video that I am here (I’m in my steel armor and gray cloak with long black hair and mustache).

I apologize for not getting this message out before the voting ended. A Facebook invite I got said voting ended at 7 tonight, but it ended at noon today.

Finally, Watch This Space Enterprises has some great last-minute stocking-stuffers for you. Just go to the products catalog at, including videos, music CD’s, and comics produced by yours truly, Captain Zorikh.


Captain Zorikh