Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm back. Some thoughts.

Forgive me for my slow updates. I have been focusing a lot on my work for the Big Apple Comic Con and the editing of "American Knights," my documentary of the USA team at the world championships of medieval armored combat.

I have noticed that I ahve been missing some opportunities for two reasons:

1) I allow others' poriorities to supercede my own.
2) I am easily distracted.

The first is a balancing act. If you have made a promise or agreement with someone, then their priorities have become your own. The trick to having a good life, then, is to associate yourself with people who share your priorities.

The second is a challenge. The challenge is to prioritize yoru activities to as to focus on getting what you really want, not just what you happen to want at the moment. When the easy pleasure is distracting you from the greater goal, your achievement of the greater goal suffers.

I am going to be working on this now.