Thursday, April 12, 2018

Big Apple Comic Con this weekend, and Captain Z is ALL OVER it!

Hi friends and fans! Captain Zorikh here with two pieces of news, one big and immediate, the other big, but with a slightly longer time frame.
As many of you may have noticed  (considering the makeup of this list) the Big Apple Comic Con is coming up this weekend. And yes, yours Truly will be a big part of it again!
This year I will be managing the panel room programming, hosting one discussion panel, and hosting not just one, but TWO costume contests!
The Big Apple Comic Con will be held this Saturday and Sunday, April 14 - 15 at the Penn Plaza Pavilion at 401 7th Ave (corner of 33rd St). The panel room ( will be in the basement of the venue, in the Globetrotter Room. WE have a great selection of discussion panels, celebrity Q&A's a live podcast about the Avengers, and more!
My panel will be with the famous writer Peter David about his career and his Captain Marvel, Genis-Vell, the third longest-running and most underappreciated of all Captain Marvels. I am sure this discussion will reveal some remarkable insights into society, culture, and the comic book business, as that Captain Marvel serieswas remarkable in its highlighting of those issues.
The two costume contests will be significant. On Saturday at 5:30 PM I will be hosting the first-ever BIG APPLE CON COSPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP ( ! This will be a contest of costuming excellence with the following judges:
Lua Stardust (Suicide Girls, cosplay celebrity)
Emma Pool (up-and-coming cosplay hero)
Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Jennifer Cihi (Sailor Moon)
Then on Saturday will be the traditional CAPTAIN ZORIKH'S PEOPLE'S COSTUME CONTEST (, the Most Fun Costume Contest on the East Coast, where costume builders and wearers and the people who love them can connect and appreciate each other. The contest will be judged by the patented "Captain Z Applause-O-Meter," and there will be plenty of amazing prizes for all!
The leading prize sponsors for these contests are Halloween Adventure Costume Shop, Forbidden Planet, Artist & Craftsmen Supply, and Midtown Comics.
And of course, the Big Apple Comic Con will have 100's of dealer tables, scores of celebrities and comics creators, including both living legends and future superstars. and lots of other surprises!
I hope to see you there!
The other news is that once again, I will be making another video documentary of the USA Knights at the International Medieval Combat Federation World Championships! This will be done with the assistance of Brad Blackmon, an award-wining TV professional who also happens to be a fighting member of the USA team!
I will have more details on that very soon, but for now, you can learn more abotu the project and help get it under way by visiting and looking over the special "perks" we have lined up this time around!
So, as always Watch This Space for more details, and...
Onward and Upward!

PS: On Friday, April 20, at 8 PM, he TV channel and website Viceland will be broadcasting "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," and I will be appearing in a hosted feature during the breaks! You can see me ALL OVER this little promo for it...