Sunday, February 15, 2009

Something that happened in Times Square

A few months ago I was working doing street promotions for the Halloween Adventure Costume shop in Times Square. One day I was on the street with my friend Damien and we were both wearing costume armor, me wearing a horned "Viking" helmet. A fellow with a baseball cap on cockeyed asked me if I was getting paid enough to dress like a fool. I told him that at least my hat was on straight. He said " Well, I'm G, man." I noticed his rotund appearance and said "You look more like an 'O,' man." He responded by starting all over again with the thing about me looking like a fool, and I reminded him that at least my hat was on straight.

For three months I hit the streets several days a week in one absurd costume or another. I dressed like a gorilla, an Elvis Santa, a Spartan from "300," an Immortal from "300" and a giant cockroach ("New York's Original Love Bug"). I wore the giant "Squawk Beast." I got hugs from cute girls, I got kicked by small children, I got my picture taken by lots and lots of tourists. I even got a few people to come to the shop.

Then several weeks after the incident related above, I was out dressed as the cockroach and the same fellow happened along. This time he gave me props because here I was, doing my thing, doing my job, out there for all the world to see, day in and day out, with no shame.

And that's what it's about, isn't it? If you are gonna do something, do it without shame, without apology. So long as what someone does is not evil, respect them for doing it.