Thursday, October 3, 2013

What does this dream mean?

I normally don;t put much stock in "dream interpretation" with regards to fortune telling, and personality profiles, but just for fun, I thought I would throw out the question here, because this dream as relatively brief, and realistic, containing an unusual amount of coherent logic.

Dream, morning of 10/3/2013

I found a sort of folder in which there were 6 horizontal slots in the front cover, arranged in vertical rows of three. In five of those slots (the bottom right one being empty) there were small cards from Christmas of the years 1958 – 1962. My mom said this was a thing her brother Carl did, which was to send an update of his family every year, and wondered what year this was from. For some reason it seemed to be connected to when I was born. We were also wondering when he stopped doing this.

On the upper right-hand corner of the cover was a date, 1968. Also, it seemed that somewhere there was a date that indicated the last time he sent one, that was 1998. This seemed to me that he sent them every year until he died. However, upon reflection, in the dream, I recalled that he died before that.

I looked several times at the small cards slotted into the front cover, wondering why they were from only as late as 1962 when the folder was from 1968. My mom kept wondering when it was from and I kept on trying to show her the date in the corner.

What do you think this means?