Thursday, March 5, 2009

Combat Twister Screening a Success!

So last night I exposed the world to it's first view of Combat Twister...sort of. Due to an unfortunate mix-up on my part in saving the videos, I accidentally used the "making of" video in place of the actual first part of the video. I also used a version of the shot drinking contest that was missing part of the scene, so the background music ran into the next scene.

But the audience, most of whom had not seen any of it before, responded very positively, and Frank Wood accepted it into a film festival this October!

Also, the band Stark totally rocked out and was very happy to be a part of it.

In the end we played a little game of Twister.

In total, then, I would call this a success. Now I am going to take care of those videos and get them ready for I-Con in April.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

COMBAT TWISTER Screening Party Tonight!

Hi friends. This is possibly the most exciting event I have ever held since I began inviting you to my events. It is the screening party for the rough cut of my FIRST MOVIE! The absurdist action/comedy short subject COMBAT TWISTER and the Further Battles of Kim Fu Yu and Jenny Rancid!

This 15 minute video is the culmination of a year's work and experiences. It is a transitional piece that draws from almost everything in my recent past as well as my near future. The personal significance of it to me cannot be understated, and I really want to share it with as many of you as possible. You can see previews of this movie at

The best part of this is that it is being shown in a screening party at Otto's Shrunken Head (, a delightfully tacky yet unrefined tiki bar and lounge at 538 East 14th street, between Ave's A & B. At 10 PM the band STARK ( they're in the movie) will play. At 11 PM the video will be screened, then at 11:30 we will all play Twister, hosted by Dana Sterling, founder of Disco Crisco Twister ( The whole evening is being presented by Watch This Space ( and Frank Wood (

Please RSVP for the event so I know that you're coming (and to see who else is), at;Rockin_Combat_Twister_Screening_Party.

And BTW, rehearsals for my next movie, The Redemption of Captain Zorikh, have been going extremely well. You can see video of me running a gauntlet, wrestling every member of the cast, male and female, big and small, expert and beginner, at

But we are still looking for a location to shoot the big tournament scene on or about April 18. Any space suitable for a wrestling tournament will be spectacular. If mats are available at the space and a place for an audience to watch the tournament also that would be fabulous. Our budget is low but we are willing to give exchanges of services or favors (a part in the film or the making of it, free grappling lessons, etc) for consideration.

So I hope I see you all on Wednesday!

Captain Zorikh

Monday, March 2, 2009

Captain Zorikh on NY Rocks TV!

Here it is folks, the lates appearance of Yours truly on Phil Fiumano's NY Rocks TV show! Skip ahead to 50:20 to get to my segment, although starting at 24:52 you can see my stuff on Phil's table.