Sunday, July 16, 2017

A bit of a dream of which I wish I remembered more

Last night I went to bet around midnight, which is a little early for me on a Saturday, but my GF was tired and so was I. At about 2:30 in the morning I awoke from a vivid dream with a very cohesive storyline. I ran it through my head a couple of times to try to remember it because I intended to get up in the morning and write it down. I fell asleep, woke up again some time later still thinking about it, then fell asleep again, had another vivid dream, and when I woke up the original dream was gone. I have a slight memory of what it might have been about, but the dream memory has been replaced by the later one.

I did feel that the later dream was a continuation of the earlier one, though. Here is how it went:

There was a guy, a middle-aged black man, who was a sort of mentor figure to the heroes of the story (that was part of the earlier dream). He hung out a t a bar like the kind you might imagine in one of those gritty New York City movies from the 1970's where Bad, Bad Leroy Brown might hang out. His enemies, however, had determined that he had interfered in their operations enough.

One day he was in the bar, at his usual seat, and he had ordered a hamburger. As he began to eat his hamburger, his enemies (who also looked like they came out of a gritty 1970's NYC movie) said something insulting to him or about him. He then proceeded to rip a car door off the wall (I don't know why there was a car door hanging on the wall). This proved his strength and how he was not about to take no shit. His enemies, of course, had a plan to attack him in a manner that he woudl not be expecting, but I woke up before actually seeing it happen.

In the previous dream (in my memory, and dream memories are funny, changeable things), there were two or three scenes with this guy in this bar, but there was also some sort of scene that may have involved some sort of quasi-mystical thing involving a lightsaber or something. this mento had a strong role to play in the guidance of the hero or heroes,, (one of whom ay have been me).

I really wish I remembered that dream. Next time I am getting up. To heck if it is 2:35 in the morning! I am writing these dreams down!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Justin Bieber on a Train

Having a day job and a night job some days a week, I have taken to afternoon naps. I just woke from one in which I had this entertaining dream:

I was on a modern cross-country train, like something out of the movies, in which I had a friend who was much like some sort of leading character in the TV show "friends." He was lean, had long-ish hair, and all he wanted to do was to get ahead in the world of celebrity fashion advising. He had an apartment in this train (you would cal is a "small studio apartment" or a "room" in New York, but it would be considered quite large by train standards. This was sort of what I imagine that 1979 TV show "Supertrain" would have been like) and we would sit talking about how life is betraying him.

For my part, I would up in another part of the train suddenly deciding (in a Brendon Burchard-inspired manner) that dammit, I was going to record something in the music studio. I had songs that needed to be recorded and I was going to share them with the world.

But as I started to had down the train to the recording studio, I came face-to-face with Justing Bieber. He said that he had just booked the recording studio for the next week to record his new album (and he was being a bit of a douche about it too).

So I sat him down and told him that I had a friend who could help him out. He had been worrying about declining popularity lately. I said: "I have a freind who can dress you in clothes that will make people stop and task 'who made that amazing thing that he is wearing?"

As I continued to talk up my friends fashion advice skils, I noticed that he was wearing a blue, short girl's top that was tight around the chest, showed his belly, and had short puffy sleeves. He was wearing something equally efeminate on his lower body. I figured this was some sort of retro-'80's madonna/Boy George kind of thing done awkwardly. This boy needed help.

So my friend appeared and stood before him as he sat on a large box or something and linked his fingers with Justin Bieber's, arms outstretched and palms down, as if he was some sort of messiah figure. He looked in his eyes and told him "I will find you the clothes that will change your life. This will be so good for you. People will want to wear what you are wearing and will be talking about it as they scream your name wanting to know what it is. This will be a start of a new chapter for you."

So we took Justin Bieber to my friend's room to discus this. Justin Bieber was totally enthralled. We got there and the room was a mess, the way a man's room can be a mess when he no longer has any care for order or hygiene and the word has gotten away from him. There were clothes all over the place the floor was nowhere to be seen, unwashed dishes and half-eaten food was present, the place was just a big, unholy mess. I explained: "He has been through a rough emotional patch lately."

As my friend and Justin Bieber st down on what I think was a bed, there were large, dangerous insects flying around the middle of the room, and one of them stung me as it brushed past.

I left the room and wound up on the sidewalk where I saw a bunch of comic-con cosplayers in G.I. Joe costumes gathering to wait for a bus. I said "There are insects in there that are big and nasty and have stingers with stingers attached!"

It seems that cosply was a big thing an a neighborhood newly designated as "Helio Sphere," although I was not 100% certain that that was the name of a neighborhod or something else. The neighborhood in questions was dominated by a tall tower with a round flying-saucer-type thing on top, sort of like those rotating restaurant sky-needle type towers around the world.

The crowd of cosplayers got larger, as there was some reason that it was better for them to be here on their way to whatever event to which they were going than anywhere else. I asked "Is Helio Sphere a neighborhood or something else?"

Right about then I woke up.