Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I need a new gig bag!

When I lost my guitar on the L train on September 22 of 2007, the Manny's Music gig bag that it was in went with it. Phil Fiumano of NewYorkRocksTV.com was good enough to give me one of his, but the bag it came in has given up the ghost. The zipper is shot, and it looks like I am going to have to decide whether to keep the guitar in the bag forever, or destroy the zipper.

Well, since I have to play the guitar, the zipper will have to go, so...

Does anyone have a guitar gig bag to spare? I don't care how many extra pockets it has, a lot or just one, it's fine. I don't care what color it is or whether it has any fancy brand or label on it. The important thing is that the straps allow me to carry it with the neck pointing up, but not too high above my 6'4" high head. This means the straps need to be attachable about halfway up the neck, not at the base of the neck like that ubiquitous, omnipresent bag that Guitar Center sells for about half a buck. I got that one already. I nearly broke the neck of my guitar off in the subway, and the case wound up falling apart when I used it as a sword case.

Musically yours, Captain Zorikh

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain is Mondale-Dole

I had been thinking this for a while, and the tonight's election results have proven it: John McCain is a combination, a pastiche, if you will, of Walter Mondale and Bob Dole.

Think about it. An aging, disabled war veteran and Senate elder statesman, running against a skilled and charismatic communicator, and countering faltering polls through energy and hard work.

I will let everyone else talk about the historic significance of the first black president, about how the economy was what won it for him, about how he was able to energize a previously under-active electorate, how this signals a change in the attitude of the nation and the revitalization of the Democratic party. I will allow others to express relief that this election was decided so early in the night and with so little controversy. I will even expect other people to point out how in even larger presidential victories you did not see such spontaneous expressions of joy as we did in Chicago and New York. I will just point out that as different as things may be, we can always see a paralell in the past.