Saturday, June 17, 2017

A slightly different zombie dream

I just woke up from a slightly different zombie dream. The big difference was that the zombies were not ugly, non-sensical, shambling messes. They were relatively intelligent and lifelike. Their faces around the corners of their mouths would turn dark and their skins would go pale. With a bit of makeup they could pass for living. When biting, they did not break and tear flesh(apparently). When bitten, the victim did not turn right away, but would go about their business and slowly start to feel the transition from human (wanting food) to zombie (wanting human flesh).

I was in a place where a recently-turned had made-up four of them to make them appear normal. I was even kissed by the gay one. Five people went in to take care of them, and before you knew it, there were now ten of them.

A popular trick among these zombies was to put themselves in body bags and get delivered to places where they would turn the unsuspecting people. I somehow got one of these "bodybag zombies" and tried to take it somewhere.

I'm not exactly sure why I was dragging this bodybag around, I may have been trying to get it to a place where someone could find a cure. I may have been bitten myself and was trying to get a cure before I turned completely. But everywhere I went, to a pool party, for instance, I would tell the people present not to open it. I would up delivering it to a hospital. I told the people there to be careful and not let the person inside bite them.

I think by the time I made it back to the street, the room to which I had delivered the bodybag zombie had been completely zombified and they were starting to spread out.