Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I am going to try something...

I have a few projects that have been waiting for me to do those last steps needed to call them complete:

Return to Pennsic
American Knights 2015
American Knights 2018
Captain Marvel Culture

The trouble is that when I try to find the time to do them, I wind up checking email, visiting Facebook, monitoring my YouTube video stats, editing some other little video, or doing some other thing that will bring momentary, instant satisfaction, but is of dubious value towards those three projects.

Oh yeah, and there is always "someone wrong on the Internet" (I now hate Quora).

So here is my plan:

I have two short videos in the que for me to finish and post to YouTube. I have two blog posts about the upcoming "Captain Marvel" and "SHAZAM!" movies that need to be finished and posted. I have some upcoming events that I need to promote.

I will get this done in the coming week or stop working on them.

I will stop posting and commenting and "liking" on Facebook.

I will stop counter-trolling the HEMA snobs on IMCF and Battle of the Nations videos on YouTube.

I will stop correcting everybody who gets something wrong about one or more Captain Marvels on...just about everything.

I will continue posting promos of upcoming events, and sending birthday greetings every morning, but that's it.

Everything else I do on the computer will be in the service of completing or getting to an as-yet unrealized level of completion of the three projects listed above.

I may even cancel a scheduled or potential engagement to get something done.

So bear with me, friends and fans. This is going to be big.

Captain Z

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Captain Zorikh said...

Yeah, that didn't last long...