Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This morning's dream: Little Richard, Sleepy LaBeef, and Elvis Presely

Fun sort of a dream last night. It involved three of my favorite rock & rollers and a convention.

I was at a large convention of some sort (perhaps inspired by the fact that I had been at the Big Apple Comic Con for the past three days), and found myself sitting at a counter next to Little Richard. He was autographing a record album and I leaned over and asked “Richard Penniman?” He said yes.

He was younger looking that he is now, without makeup and with a very 1980’s sport of look, gerry-curled hair in a sort of afro-mullet, a silk sport coat, remarkably subdued, as if this was his off-stage persona.

I told him I was a big fan, and enjoyed his shows. He thanked me. He happened to be looking at something that had words or a name that included the work “le beuf.” I asked him if he had heard of Sleepy LaBeef. Sleepy is a great rockabilly singer whom I have seen several times but not for a few years. Sleepy does great shows and I said so. Then wouldn’t you know, I turned around, and he was coming onto the room to sign autographs! There he was, all 6’7” of him in his big black hat.

Little Richard had not heard of him, but I knew Sleepy should be a big fan, so I brought Richard over to Sleepy to meet him. Sleepy remembered me form the several times I have seen his shows. I said to him “I have Richard Penniman here” and he said “Oh, yes, the actor.” I think Sleepy may have been a bit confused and distracted. I said “no, no, Little Richard, the singer.” I think Sleepy must have been very distracted, because he could only briefly acknowledge that before turning back to deal with his autograph-seeking fans.

On our way back to the counter, Richard walked on his knees in disappointment. I started doubting that this was Little Richard because in concert it did not seem that he was quite so limber as to be able to do that. When back at the counter I grabbed his leg and felt his leg brace under his pants. That confirmed for me that it really was him.

Then somewhere in there Elvis showed up. Well, not Elvis himself, but a famous impersonator in a casual sport coat and tie. Somehow I got the three of them together, and they wound up on a line to meet someone. I don’t know who, but it was someone they all wanted to meet, along with lots of other people because it was a rather long line on the sidewalk outside. I then suggested that they sing something together. I can’t remember what they sang, but it was awesome to have Little Richard, Sleepy LaBeef, and a famous Elvis impersonator (or perhaps it was the guy from the Broadway show “Million Dollar Quartet”) singing together.

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