Saturday, June 26, 2010

My dream this morning: Michael Jackson, dead bodies, zombies, and electrified fences at the beach

So I found myself looking at some photos I had taken of Michael Jackson (the late singer, not the alcoholic beverage expert) at a concert. I somehow wound up at a MJ concert. After the show, MJ was outside, near his car, doing something very special and personal for a fan (perhaps autographing a magazine, I forget) while a female TV entertainment new reporter was covering him. The reporter said “Michael, there are lots of your fans here. At the very least you could acknowledge them with a wave or something." MJ waved and smiled and the crowd cheered.

Bu the car was parked in a bad spot (loading ramp or something, maybe a truck was coming through, I forget) so it had to back down the street. MJ and the reporter followed (at this point in the dream I was like the camera of a TV show, watching, but not actually present). When the car got to the end of the street, Mj was getting in and the reporter gave him something (the pictures I had taken, I think) MJ was getting in at an awkward angle (facing the rear of the car) lost his balance and fell. The reporter tried to help, but was not sure that she should actually touch the men. , so she went looking for his bodyguards.

There was one not far away and he came over to help. At about this time in the dream I shifted from being non-existent to being present. I found a dead body in a doorway across the sidewalk from the car.

I’m not quite sure of the transition here, but somehow this made me think of zombies, as in the movie “Zombieland.” I got to thinking about failed methods of zombie prevention, specifically electrified fences at the beach. I thought back to how four drunk people riding a golf cart on a beach tried leaving the beach and wound up driving right into the electrified gate of the electrified fence. (Zap! Zap! Zap!). I went back in time just a little, to before that incident, and I was hanging out with the bunches of people on the beach behind the electrified fence that separated the beach from the city, but I realized that a crawling zombie could just crawl under the gate (the gate was higher off the ground than the rest of the fence).

This beach happened to be a half a block from the doorway where I had found the dead body. There was another doorway right next to it, and inside was an artist studio for an art school, with easels and paint all over the place. I’m not quite sure what happened there, but I was having a conversation with one of the art students as an occasional person went in and out.

Then I woke up.

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