Thursday, September 10, 2009


Strange. Funny. Depressing. Weird. A chapter in my life just got the final, official nail in its coffin for me about an hour ago, and I really thought that it had already happened months, if not years ago, and I was over it, and I was wrong.

Emotions are funny things. They defy logic. They defy intelligence. They take things that should make perfect sense and confuse them entirely.

Sometimes we cling to things that are dead because we have seen them come back to life before and we think they will do so again. We may have been willing to give them up the first time, or even the second, but after they keep on coming back we begin to count on them, never realizing that each comeback really means there is one fewer comeback till the end. If we had the courage, the strength, the willpower, the pride, the lack of sensitivity, to let it go the first time, it would not hurt so much now.

To give more detail, to talk about who is to blame and what could have been done, even to talk about the inevitability of it all, would lessen the importance of the impact here.

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